Surface treatment

Treatment of the surface roughness in High Frequency (R.A.F.)

The innovative treatment of osteoinductive surface roughness High Frequency (R.A.F.) that are submitted implants Multysystem®, meets the standards of the most recent studies on the chemical-physical aspects and the biological response of the implant surfaces. As has been amply demonstrated, the development of surfaces of this type has led to the identification of osteogenic cells response to the micro-roughness. The surface topographical influence the osteoblastic activity, amplifying the platelet response and accelerating the progression of bone regeneration processes.

SEM detail (100X) of the thread of a Multysystem® implant with HFR surface treatment

SEM detail (200X) of the distal end of a Multysystem® implant with HFR surface treatment

SEM detail (5.00 K X). The roughness details produced by the HFR treatment are highlighted. As is evidenced, the distance between peaks is only of a few microns.

SEM view (7.00 K X). In vitro testing. Note how, after three days’ contact, the bone cells have completely colonised the surface

As may be seen from the SEM images, the HFR surface treatment creates a characteristic homogeneous roughness which further increases the boneimplant
contact surface favouring the process of osseointegration.